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Best Earbuds

(No, not these ear buds…)

Feeling pain in your ears after using headphones for several hours? Use earbuds. Hands down to the best earbuds sellers out there who have been going to extra mile to provide comfort to music lovers.

But readers, you might agree with me; finding the earbuds that fit into your lifestyle, offer superior performance, and come with long battery life, isn’t as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

In short:

Trying your hands in the right earbuds without hurting your pocket can feel you a daunting task. For that reason, we’re going to highlight the top 4 best earbuds that are well made, convenient, and available at a reasonable rate. Let’s get started.

Echo buds—Best Earbuds for Active Noise Cancelling 


You often Ride a bike and unable to pick calls? Try Echo buds— made by Amazon that allows you to make a call, get directions, and play Audible audiobooks without using your hands.

These advanced buds work with the Alexa app so you can steam your favorite songs in a clear and balanced sound.

What feature sets Echo buds apart?

Put them for 15-min quick charge, and use them for up to 2 hours. With a charging case, echo buds have the potential to offer you ultimate comfort for up to 20 hours.


  • Bose active noise technology reduction technology to limit background
  • Compatible with Alexa app
  • Sweat-resistant with a secure
  • Long-lasting battery to let you go with the flow


  • Not waterproof

Jabra Elite 75t—Best Earbuds For Running 


Jabra has been catching the users’ attention with its amazing features included a secure fit with special grip coating to keep them firmly in place, waterproof to give peace of mind, and ANC feature that works like a charm to reduce background noise.

When it comes to battery life, Jabra has almost beaten our no 1 choice (Echo buds) since you can use them for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge, 24 hours in the charging case (ANC on) fast charge. These features make it suitable for running and playing activities.


  • Packed with thunderous bass to  lift your mood
  • Amazing battery life
  • dust-resistant design with Waterproof feature
  • Check battery life though the app


  • Some folks mind find it too bassy

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus —Best  Earbuds for Calls


Looking for the best true earbuds but didn’t count Samsung Galaxy Buds plus? Seems impossible!

Samsung Galaxy Buds plus is unbeatable when it comes to handling voice calls. Samsung also worked on a microphone system, and now it provides a far better result than the original Galaxy Buds.

The upside?

It is compatible with iOS and android and can pair effortlessly with smart devices via Bluetooth. If you want to stay focused and make the most out of your earbuds, use its mobile-friendly app that may give you a hand.

Let’s be honest here, the sound quality was impressive, and I found it as smooth and compact as the original Galaxy buds. It’s well defined based is a leading feature that stands it out from its competitor.

AirPods Pro—Best Earbuds for Comfortable fit


Yes, I agree Apple isn’t the first creator of wireless earphones. Still, there is no denying, Apple is the only company that made them more popular with its seemingly ubiquitous AirPods.

Since the first two Apple models didn’t gain more following as expected, but Airpods Pro has some best features that worth reviewing,

First, it comes with rich bass depth and crisp high-mid presence and fits perfectly to your ear canal. The AirPods Pro is also equipped with strong active noise cancellation (ANC) in a certified splash-proof build.


  • Solid audio performance
  • Quality active noise cancellation
  • Offer simple one-tap setup.
  • Hands-free Siri access


  • ANC and EQ aren’t adjustable


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash